Spring Summer 2023


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The Seasonal colors of our icons
immediately convey the direct
connection with a “lifestyle”

+                                       The SS23 collection is inspired by the desire for rebirth and freedom, something which is often expressed during the summer season. Baracuta expresses this with new variations of colours, fabrics and models. A perfect collection for those looking for timeless, high-quality pieces. The brand is aimed at those who pay attention to the quality of fabrics and workmanship of the garments and want to pass something important on to future generations, not just a piece of clothing, but the values in which it holds. Baracuta is once again reinventing itself by updating its most classic and iconic garments with new lines and styles, staying true to its roots and British vibe.


Inspired by the aesthetic of British gardens in bloom, the new collection is a kaleidoscope of colours. From turquoise to pink, to yellow and deep red, typical colours in the Tudor rose, the symbol of England. The colour palette for this season is extensive and it invites you to express yourself and your own style.

+                                        Staying with its philosophy, its quality standards and the search for the best materials around the world, Baracuta's Spring Summer collection is developed around three main pillars, which represent it perfectly: Rainwear, Premium Craft and Summer Knitwear.

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